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Pizza lunch – This Friday

Beginning this Friday, hot cheese or cheese and pepperoni pizza will be sold by the slice at lunch in Mr. Roth’s room. Only $1.50 per large slice. Simply bring your money to school on Friday.


Mrs. Deters is Bloggin’

Check out Mrs. Deters grade 8 Blog to find out about the trip to Fighting Island!  Click it from Classroom Blogs.

A “Learning School” our Vision of Eastwood

To become a Learning School we will engage in the work of talking about and analyzing learning.  Learning for all, students, parents and educators alike is what we are talking about.  Our goal of becoming a true Learning School through guided and precise professional learning communities will have many outcomes.  One of these outcomes will be improved results on common assessment tasks such as “Comprehension Attitudes Strategies Interests (C.A.S.I.),  Developmental Reading Assessment (D.R.A.) or the provincial assessment of literacy and math skills (E.Q.A.O.).  Our Eastwood goal is not to “get better scores.”  Achieveing better results on assessments is simply a by product of our true goal and vision of becoming a Learning School.  Our “PLC” time is important to us and we use it to engage in adult learning around ways to help your children learn more effectively.  Tuesday, September 29th all teachers at Eastwood will engage in a Professional Learning Communities in order to continue our goal of becoming a Learning School.

“Get on the Bus . . .We are Changing the World”

Mrs. Wideen is Bloggin’

View Mrs. Wideen’s Blog and Website:  Especially if you have children in our SK class or our moring Special Education Resource Room.  Click it from the Classroom Blog page.

Share Comments Safely

We would like parents and students to continue to share their comments with us in a safe and respectful manner.  So far everything on our Blog has been great!  Lets keep up the good work together.  Remember these tips when working with our school Blog.

  1. Students: please do not leave your last name on the blog site.  If you do by accident we will edit it out.
  2. Do not include any other personal information in your posts like phone numbers or addresses.
  3. Please keep your comments appropriate and positive.

Thanks for helping keep our Blog site safe, positive and about learning.  Looking for something to comment on?  Try telling us about how you are changing the world!

Terry Fox Run a Huge Success! — Mr. Roth


Every student in attendance today participated in our Terry Fox run. A one mile route through our neighbourhood was led by “Swiper the FOX”! Students enjoyed music and fresh fruit during the walk. We are pleased to announce that our families raised $432.56 for cancer research. Way to go Eagles. It looks like we are changing the world.

Cooling down after the run.

The Learning Agenda

Mrs Mundy, Mr Cowper and Mrs DelDuca are engaged in professional learning today with other school leaders from GECDSB. Today we are focusing our learning on specific learning needs of our children as indicated by samples of results from specific questions on last years EQAO assessment of the primary and junior programs. Determining the needs of our students will help us determine the learning needs of our adults. We believe that teachers learn everyday so that all students can achieve.