New Teacher Appointed to Grade 1/2 Combined Class

It is a pleasure to announce that Eastwood will be receiving a new primary teacher on Monday, September 21st. Mr. Skoyles will be joining us from Roseville Public school. This appointment is a response to increased enrollment @Eastwood! Teachers are calling homes tonight and letters are going home to help parents with transitions to new classes. We have smaller class sizes now because of our new addition! Thanks to all our new families. Please help make Mr. Skoyles feel as welcome as you have made me feel! Have a great weekend.

James Cowper
Eastwood P.S.
Get On The Bus . . .We Are Changing The World!

Greater Essex County District School Board


2 responses to “New Teacher Appointed to Grade 1/2 Combined Class

  1. Colleen Cloutier

    I would like to welcome Mr.Skoyles to Eastwood School. Mr.Skoyles good luck and thank you for coming to Eastwood.

  2. Joanne Bastien

    I would like to welcome Mr Skoyles to Eastwood on behalf of Eastwood Parent Council.
    We have great school and we know you will love it here!

    Joanne Bastien
    Parent Council Chair