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Canned Goods Make News!

Our incredibly successful canned goods drive (Thanks 3C!) has been asked to be featured on the news this Tuesday, December 1st! At 10:00 am a number of our student ambassadors and 3C with Mr. Cowper, Miss Collymore, and Mr. Roth will help load the truck! Besides the T.V. crew there may even be some other special guests. Can’t wait to find out. Thanks Miss Collymore and 3C along with all the students who made this event so successful.

Greater Essex County District School Board

New Literacy Block for Jr. Students

Dear Parents of our Grade Six Students, 

I am very excited to share with you that we are making some positive changes to our Junior level literacy block at Eastwood.

 Recently, we investigated our delivery of literacy instruction to our grade six students.  This was initiated by the fact that we have enrolled many children in grade six since our reorganization day and the class has climbed to over 40 students.  As well we took deep consideration around the delivery of instruction to our students with specialized learning needs.  We developed a plan to serve the needs of all of our students more effectively and efficiently.

 With the help and guidance of the teachers, Vice Principal and school board support staff we created a plan to provide two literacy blocks for the grade six population.  After some creative timetabling we were able to create a new learning room that Miss Cornel will use for the first 100 minutes of instruction every day.  During this time Miss Cornel will instruct approximately half of the students in grade six.  Miss Cornel is excited and prepared for this new assignment.  Miss Cornel has worked with Mrs. Mundy and our Literacy and Numeracy Support teacher Mrs. Jones in preparation.

 Through this new plan we will also see that our students with specialized learning plans are integrated, along with their instructional teacher Mrs. Jarvis, into Mrs. Mundy’s grade six classroom during the literacy block.  The two teachers are excited about instructing simultaneously to serve the needs of all children.  Our grade six students are excited to be together for this learning time.  It is important to note that students with specialized learning needs will still receive the full support of the Special Education Resource Teacher and the Educational Assistant, Mrs. Saini.

 I believe it is important to keep you all up to speed on the instruction and environment that we are providing for your children.  All of the logistics for this new approach have been taken care of in advance.  The students will begin on Monday, November 30th.  If you have any further questions please call Mr. Cowper at your convenience.


James Cowper


“Get On The Bus. . .We Are Changing the World!”

Scott and Elijah win tickets!

Thanks for adding to our “Happiness Wall” at

Scott and Elijah won the draw of all the posts at this site.  Thanks to all for your comments about what makes you happy at school.  We are going to keep it open for all of you to continue to add to.

Going to Highschool?

Grade 7 and 8s….have you heard of the O.Y.A.P. program? Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program provides job embedded learning to youth. S.H.S.M.–Specialist High Skills Major is another opportunity for students in highschool to experience job preparation courses in high skill environments. Ask your high school guidance counsellor about them!

Visitors Galore!

Today we started with the Director of Education, Warren Kennedy. Followed by a true Windsor Spitfire to grade 2, Paul Bezzo and then suddenly school board trustee Cheryl Lovell showed up to thank our safety patrols!

What a day!

Musical / Chorus asked to Board Meeting

The Director’s office has asked the music department and students to present some musical numbers to this year’s GECDSB Organizational Meeting. Mrs. McKeen loved the opportunity to showcase the talented children at Eastwood. Presenting our music will be the Recorder Band from grade 4, The singing talents of choir for our Winter concert, and the acting and singing talents of our Cast and Crew of the Winter Showcase. Good Luck Eagles….you certainly will look great in your uniforms (remember to wear your black pants!). Thanks for making sure they were clean and looking good Mrs. Frenkl.