pH1N1 Update for Parents and Community

As a school Eastwood is:
1. teaching and encouraging safe coughing and sneezing techniques (in the elbow)
2. teaching and encouraging safe hand washing techniques
3. providing hand sanitizer for children to use under supervision
4. teaching children general health precautions
5. encouraging parents of children that have “influenza like illness” symptoms to keep them home until they are well.
6.  keeping classrooms clean and disinfected through the use of board approved cleansers and our diligent caretakers Mr. Ingersoll and Miss Duttman.

7.  asking students to call home if they present at school with “Influenza Like Illness” symptoms.

 Thanks to our community for your continued trust and understanding of the health precautions we are working under. 
James Cowper
Eastwood P.S. Get On The Bus . . .We Are Changing The World!



One response to “pH1N1 Update for Parents and Community

  1. I already know all of this info, but I would like a few other people to also learn too!