Tell us what you like about school!!!
It is easy! Go to the site and make a sticky note!  Everyone that leaves a comment from Eastwood School wins a chance to get Spitfire tickets for next weekend!


5 responses to “Tell us what you like about school!!!

  1. Dear Mr.Cowper,

    I don’t like school, I love school because I have an oppertunity to see all my wonderful friends and teachers.Also I have the abllity to learn new things everyday like today I learned that when my classmates were doing science expirements that they needed a 9 volt
    batterie to charge the nail so it could attract the paper clips

    Anyway I’m glad that I have school and this school in particular.


  2. how do you write on the graffiti wall

  3. Tania and jessica

    if you would ever ask me why this school is wonderful is because Mr.Cowper, the beautiful nice theachers and this whole family that we have and thet we are greateful for we would never ever learn with out a principal or a vice principal or the nice theachers or the kids !!!!!! so we are greatefull for all of this school!!!!!!
    Thank you Mr.Cowper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Mr. Cowper,
    If you ask me what I like about this school is what a wonderful principal you are!! You are the best principal ever!! What I like about you so much is that you make sure we do our best, never loose hope on us, have a sence of hummer, and you are very cool( love the worm you did!!)
    You also are cool because you understand, and take our ideas to consideration!!
    That is why you are an awesome PRINCIPAL!!! 😛
    I also like our school because we engage in {social}events; such as: Talent shows (2005), plays ( Musicals )
    etc . . .
    Finally, I like this school because of all of the WONDERFUL
    staff members(teachers, vice/prncipals, secritaries, etc . . .)
    who care for us kids, and our education!!
    That is why I love this school soooo MUCH!!!