Director Kennedy Visits Eastwood!

Today the Director of Education visited our fine school to meet the wonderful children and staff. He was impressed to say the least with all of the learning happening in our building. Comments were made about the pethora of authentic student work on the walls, our teachers and students use of anchor charts and just as important the feeling of calm and wellness in the building. We think he might even officially be an “On Our Bus!”
“Look at all these cans! You Eagles are changing the world.” Director Kennedy was heard to have said.
One student asked “Are you like the BIG BOSS?” Mr. Cowper replied politely, “Yes, Director Kennedy is like a movie director only he helps set the tone, direction and action plan for all the schools in our District, 61 elementary and 15 Secondary schools.”
Director Kennedy challenged our Brittney to write him a letter to which he would respond…a challenge she had completed by lunch time!
Great Visit today with the Director. We will see him again at Eastwood before the end of the year. Thanks for coming to Eastwood Director!

One response to “Director Kennedy Visits Eastwood!

  1. I hope that you had a astonishing time at Eastwood, and see how bonded and motovated we are to greatness!!!
    I hope that your visit here at Eastwood, was one you will not forget!!!! 😛