Win Spits Gear!

Find out how on the Holiday Wishes Page.


3 responses to “Win Spits Gear!

  1. Well Mr. Cowper I know I DO NOT want a Red Rider B-B Gun , because EVERYONE knows you’ll shoot your eye out , you’ll shoot your eye out .
    I do want MLB 09 The Show because I LOVE baseball.
    I would like Cabala’s Big game Hunter because I like hunting.
    BUT I HATE TO SEE ANIMALS DIE .With this game I can get the best of both worlds . BUT MOST OF ALL I WANT EVERYONE TO BE SAFE THESE HOLIDAYS . .

  2. Colleen Cloutier

    I just want to say thank you too you Mr. Cowper for putting up the holiday wishes page…I never knew what my sons feelings were till I read his wish and it truly brought me too tears.So thank you once again Mr.Cowper. And last but not least I would like to take this time to say Happy Holidays to all the students and staff at Eastwood Public School..

  3. Salutations Mr. Cowper,

    What do I think about the “Holiday Wishes” page? What is the point? And lastly, what are the benifits?

    Well . . .

    If you ask me, I believe that the “Holiday Wishes” page is an EXTRORDINARY idea!!! I think that it is also a good way to help others- to motovate them to write in a PROPER sentince format.( Also, who wouldn`t want some Spit tickets?)

    I also think that the point really is to get you to write it in a proper sentince format. What I mean by that is: to make it have juicy words, a date, DEAR ???? (comma) and make it be persuasive.

    The benifits are you will be a better writer.

    That is my oppinion on the “Holiday Wishes” page.

    Thank you for reading!!

    Nina. 😛 😀

    P.S. How much people will get to enjoy the benifits of writing this letter by winning the Spit tickets?

    Also I would have writen an example, but it was too good and I did not want anyone to steal my idea and use it as their own!