Well, we finally got a hit from Africa!  Someone in Ghana is checking us out!  What is school like in Ghana?  Anyone know?


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  1. WOW!! That is cool! 😛

  2. Hahaha I found this funny becuase my family is Ghanaian and I’m not even joking.Also in music class we were learning about african drums and almost every drum they named we have at our house.So back to the question well I know their schools aren’t big and they learn english and ghanaian.


  3. Amari Jones12

    So the anwser is school “skool”

  4. Amari Jones12

    its spelled skool

  5. Amari Jones12

    In Ghana They most common language is English So Im guessing “School”

  6. I researched on African schools and found a picture that alarmed me and made me feel (once again) guilty about how thankful we should be. I can’t copy and paste because my computer is messed up, but it was a small building, not even a building, built of twigs with no walls and a straw roof. Google didn’t give me much information on actual schools in Africa, but I’m guessing they’re as bad as the picture shows.

    Regards, Marley ❤