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Be the Change You Want to See in the World!

What a busy time of the year it is for the parents, students and entire learning community of Eastwood. There are a number of major highlights I would like to mention in this month’s newsletter. Let’s start with our celebration of pitching in to make a difference for the people of Haiti. Our families responded along with those of the entire district and raised over $196000.00 including matching donations. Incredible. We have all embraced the concept of “Getting on the Bus to Change the World.”

Our safe schools committee investigated our school motto and thought it appropriate to add “And it Starts With You!” to our slogan. After all making a change in the world first requires us to look at ourselves. In an effort to continue to improve our school’s learning culture we discussed and put in place our new safe schools’ policy which illustrates our collective duty to respond to behaviour that is not aligned with our “Safe Hands, Kind Words” initiative. In short we are responding consistently and immediately to inappropriate behaviour. The words “We do not do that here at Eastwood.” are our common response. Expectations for students are clear and simple: Use safe hands at school, use kind words at school.

Our school now has guest WiFi for all community members with a wireless device and an appropriate Internet use policy signed! What does this mean? We are in the early stages of experimenting with Web 2.0 technology for students and staff. Students using computers to take notes, run back-channels on learning and accessing the Internet for learning are all examples of the appropriate use of this technology. iTouch devices, Laptops and Netbooks are examples of hardware that students can use with the WiFi connection. This technology is for learning purposes and may be used to make learning more differentiated and accessible for students. As always a teachers good judgement comes first in any and all issues. So kids, if you are looking at using 21st Century technology for learning we need to speak to your parents and you need a teacher’s permission before logging in. Remember, your digital footprint exists forever so be responsible digital citizens!

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Changing World Poster 24×24.pdf

Safe Hands-Kind Words.pdf


GECDSB Cheque Presentation for Haiti

Our 4 Eastwood Representatives at the Cheque Presentation

Eastwood attends D.M. Eagle

Representatives from our school attended the media event at D.M. Eagle on Friday.  They brought with them a cheque for over $1100.00.  With this contribution included and all the matching donations our school district, the GECDSB, raised over $196 000.00 for Haiti Relief!  Our funds will purchase Shelterboxes and help the Doctors without Borders work in Haiti.  Thanks Mrs. Kisch and kids for representing our school and our efforts.  Thanks all children and families for your kindess in donations.

Bake Sale for Haiti!

Miss Cornel, Mrs Mundy and the grade 6s, along with the help of teachers, parents and other students, had a bake sale on Friday.  The team raised 411.80 in a one day bake sale!  The goodies were flying off the tables and all proceeds went to the GECDSB shelterbox program.  Way to go everyone!  You can still donate at the office in our giant piggy bank / water jug!

Premier’s Award for Teaching Excellence

Today a postcard from the Premier of Ontario went home calling for submissions for Teaching Excellence awards.  If you require further information please see Miss Lichty at the office.

Newsletter Goes Home with Survey

This month our school newsletter, created by Mrs. McKeen, has a survey on the back about how you would like to continue receiving our monthly information. Please complete this attached poll to illustrate your liking.

Thanks for your time, parents and families, selecting and voting.

Haiti Disaster Relief Efforts from Eastwood

Many of us have been horrified by the reports and the images of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and many want to help in some way. At the Character Development Symposium in October, the GECDSB introduced a program that provides emergency kits called ShelterBoxes to people in areas affected by natural disasters. Each ShelterBox contains a tent, sleeping mats, cooking utensils, and much more –  everything a family needs to survive when a natural disaster strikes and all is lost. One ShelterBox costs $1000.00.

Since the news of the earthquake, several school have contacted the Board to find out how their schools can help the Haiti disaster relief efforts. Supporting the ShelterBox program is one way that we can work together as a Board to help those most vulnerable in Haiti. Many schools have small populations and cannot raise sufficient funds independently.  The GECDSB Character Development Steering Committee would be pleased to manage donations centrally so funds can be pooled together from all schools that want to participate, allowing us to purchase as many Shelter Boxes as possible. Updated information on the Shelter Box efforts in Haiti is available at the following website: One of the administrators of ShelterBox USA called Friday asking for any help possible from our community. He confirmed that a team from ShelterBox is on the ground in Haiti with about 600 ShelterBoxes, however, the need is so great, that many more are needed. Their goal is to get 1000 ShelterBoxes by the end of this weekend and another 1000+ over the next 2 weeks..

If your family would like to get involved or if you would like to make a personal donation, funds may be sent to James Cowper, Principal of Eastwood School, on behalf of the Eastwood Haiti Relief Effort. Each classroom will collect money as well as a large water jug in the main office.  Cheques can be made out to “The Greater Essex County District School Board” with “Haiti Disaster Relief” in the memo line. We will collect funds until Friday, January 29th. If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Cowper at school.