Border Collie Herds the Flock!

Last Tuesday we had a visit from a neighbourhood Border Collie and her owner.   She and her owner were walking between the two school properties soon after the bell rang for recess.  The 300 children came bounding out of the school much to the shock of the normally obedient and lovable herder.  “What?” she said in doggeese, “the sheep are loose?  I must herd them now!”  With this the black and white short hair began barking wildly and pointing at the school children! 

If you run the wrong way, Maya will convince you otherwise!

Her owner was having a hard time controlling her as the dog’s innate sense of grouping lost sheep took over.  Maya slipped right out of her collar and began to “herd” the school children.  Screams could be heard across the yard as the dog bared her teeth and ran back and forth, back and forth.  Of course a sheep dog will never physically bite a sheep as this could result in injury, infection and the loss of one of the flock.  In other words, Maya’s bark was louder than her bite.  Never biting a single student she managed to herd every child to the black top in about 90 seconds, a feat that Mr. Cowper, Mr. Roth and the rest of the yard duty staff were quite embarrassed about.  

But wait!  There was a loose sheep.  Suddenly out of the corner of Maya’s beautiful blue eyes came a streak of brilliant orange!  It was the “Principal Sheep!” and Maya must bring this one unruly livestock back to the yard.  She ran as fast as she could and caught up with the strangely fleeced animal (it was wearing an orange traffic vest!) only to discover it was a sheep dressed in Principal’s clothing! 

Now trapped in the cat walk at the back of the pasture Maya found herself confronted with a choice, stand her ground and bark until the Principal left the cat walk for safety with the rest of the flock or take the treat he was offering, half of a doggie treat he pulled from his jacket (you never know when you are gonna need one!).  Maya choose wisely for this “Principal sheep” was apparently a Dog Whisperer!  She stopped barking, sat on her hind legs, raised a paw and cocked her head to one side with a gently whimper. 

“Good girl, Maya, you did a good job taking care of the flock.”  Mr. Cowper said as he harnessed Maya back up and said to her owner, “Next time maybe you should wait until after recess to cross the property.” 

If we had it on video, we’d a won 10 grand folks!  

P.S.  No child, sheep or dog was harmed during the incident.  Joey did get “nudged” by Maya’s snout and Mr. Roth hit the deck when he attempted to dive on top of the dog, but all is well.

11 responses to “Border Collie Herds the Flock!

  1. That was funny when he ran away!

  2. it was funy wen the dog was chasing Mr.cowper

    and th dog even chased me too!

  3. dennis edmondson

    This true to life article begs the queston, Can the principal be taught new tricks?

  4. Mrs. A. Corriveau

    This is a great account of a great story. Thank you for sharing this Mr. Cowper. I laughed out loud through the entire thing. All is well that ends well……I will look forward to another Eastwood adventure!

  5. A. Clifton Myles

    Wow, I am sure this was exciting. I am just glad that everything returned back to normal. Keep up the great work “Super Principal.”

  6. Mrs. Fathers-Yott

    I know it made my day! Who knew Mr. Cowper could run so quickly and wildly!

  7. wow. i never knew this happened

  8. I am still laughing about this!!!!
    I wish I could have been there to see this, LOL

  9. Never underestimate the “Smarts” of a canine!!!