GECDSB Cheque Presentation for Haiti

Our 4 Eastwood Representatives at the Cheque Presentation


3 responses to “GECDSB Cheque Presentation for Haiti

  1. *That was so fun!*

  2. When elephants fight have you ever wondered how bad your life is? yes or no . if you answerd yes than your wrong thier are thousands of kids who wish thay had had half as good life as you if you answerd no your right !!! well a kid named Jimmy from Vganda he was born in a war zone. but one day he was found beaten and shot in the head. or even somebody named Annu she was born in a war zone. she was left alone so she was always on the run to find shelter. so she was on the run moving constantly. or thiers another named nadga an olympic silver medalist she went out side to the ruins of a library when a bomb was dropped on her building she running to warn people but on the way she felt a sharp pain in her leg and saw blood she couldn`t make it and the bomb went off! so next don`t think of your life as bad your taking it forgranted!!!!!!!! sincery: kregg

    • Kregg, A great response to the events in Haiti and elsewhere. You made connections to your reading “When Elephants Fight” to the world around you. Excellent recollection of facts from the stories in the book. I have further questions: How is it that we take our lives for granted. What do you see as evidence of that? Are there examples from your own life and experience where you have taken things for granted? Please respond!