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Staff Vote for Balanced Day!

Our vote was counted by Mrs. Jarvis and Mr. Cowper on Friday, March 29th. A resounding “yes” from our staff who voted 100% in favour of the balanced school day schedule. We trust that our school community will see the benefits of this great schedule and join the staff, the Parent Involvement Committee and administration in voting “yes” for the balanced school day.


Raising Awareness About Mental Health in Children & Youth

Thursday May 6, 2010 A Community Symposium for Parents, Educators & Service Providers 6:00 PM through 8:00 PM at the Giovanni Caboto Club .  An evening with Valerie Pringle, Veteran Broadcaster and Advocate Valerie will be speaking about “A Light at the End of the Tunnel, A Mother and Daughter Talk About Ending the Shame of Mental Illness”
This Symposium is sponsored by:

  • Windsor Regional Hospital
  • Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board
  • Greater Essex County District School Board
  • John McGivney Children’s Centre School Authority

This initiative and cost of registration is funded by the Local SSLI Project; a      collaborative initiative between the Ministry of Children and Youth and the Ministry of Education. To register please fill out the form at  [Link]  before    March 31, 2010.  Spaces are limited to 300 people.

The Balanced School Day Information Session for Eastwood Families

Teachers voted on Thursday and Friday and voted 100% in favour of

The Balanced School Day!

When:  6:00 pm, Monday, March 29th, 2010

Where:  Eastwood Gymnasium

Who:  All parents of students at Eastwood (students are also welcome)

What:  An information night about the logistics of adopting a Balanced School Day schedule

Why:  To help parents make an informed vote on changes to our current timetable and school day structure.

How:  Mr. Cowper and Mr. Roth along with the Eastwood Parent Involvement Committee will host a 45 minute information session followed by a question and answer period.  A three day period of voting will then occur for families to vote for or against the proposal.  A member of the Windsor Essex Health Unit will also be on hand to deliver a message of the nutritional and physical activity benefits of the proposed schedule.

Further information:  Please do not hesitate to call the school to speak with Mr. Cowper or Mr. Roth.  You can also view information on the Eastwood Parent Involvement Committee Blog @

Join us and receive a chance to win a $100.00 gas card!  (voting families only)

March Break

What a busy day! I didn’t even get to say goodbye and have a safe break! To all our families and students and teachers, Thanks for a great winter. Bring on the SUN!  Some of us are heading to Toronto for a visit to the Dinosaurs at the Royal Ontario Museum! Can’t wait!

Report Cards and Third term IEPs come out the week we return as does some communication about this year’s EQAO assessment. 

Everyone enjoy the break and remember to Be Kind!

Q-Mack brings a Powerful Message to Eastwood

Today the student body at Eastwood (Early Years to Grade Eight) enjoyed an extremely entertaining and engaging 2 hours with Q-Mack and his friend with the intent of helping promote our Safe Hands, Kind Words initiative and to bolster our Vision of Changing the World by first changing ourselves!  What an incredible show they put on! 

QMack does Basketball tricks while his friend Beatboxes

 The keys to Q-Mack’s discussion was the impact of bullying and the best way to counteract it.  Quin Mack told his own story of being picked on by older children while in school because he could not play hockey in the town of Brantford.  He was also smaller than others and students often laughed at his parents.  Q-Mack used confidence to counteract bullying.  He built confidence by always trying and learning something new.  For him something new was new basketball tricks.  He now is an award winning basketball freestyler signed by Nike.  He is also approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Bullying Registry. 

All 400 children were engaged for 2 full hours by Q-Mack.  Students were asked to participate, prizes were won and some volunteers learned some tricks.  Q-Macks partner entertained the audience with his amazing talents as a beatboxer.  He sang, played the harmonica and beatboxed simultaneously!  What talent! 

Changing the World Starts with You!

The biggest take away from today though was Q-Macks powerful message of working as a team to really change the way we behave in a school.  Using safe hands and kind words always to make Eastwood the best school it can be.  Q-Mack highlighted our posters and then signed every single one of them in the school so that students would be reminded whenever they saw them.   The audience loved the event.  Students lined up outside to get an autograph or throw a basketball to Q-Mack.  He was awesome. 

Safe Hands and Kind Words always at Eastwood

Please tell us what you thought of the event today by leaving a comment!

ADHD Facts and Myths: Focusing the Energy

Your child is counting on you to know the facts. ADHD is one of the most widely researched conditions. This research has increased awareness and understanding, but it has also created a media explosion of information, misinformation and conflicting opinions. Join Dr. Atilla Turgay for an evening discussing facts and dispelling myths.

Dr. Atilla Turgay is the Director of the Toronto ADHD Clinic and a Professor at the Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto.

Thursday, March 11th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm in the Marconi Room at the Caboto Club.

Register Today by calling: 519-252-7889

This event is brought to you by: idawe: The Learning Disablities Association of Windsor-Essex County

Greater Essex County District School Board

Century Highschool Orientation

Mr Cowper and 5 students from Eastwood visited Century Highschool today for grade 8 orientation. Our first stop was Mr. Down’s science lab. There they were given the task of dropping an egg from 6 meters safely. They were given 50 cm of tape, a Timmies cup, string, a balloon and some cotton balls. After “thinking like a scientist” they dropped or lowered the eggs down for a prize! Quentin, Moe, Tyler and another student succeeded in saving the egg! Next on our journey was baking with Chef Hart. Jovan had a blast making a cupcake with help from two OYAP students. They are headed for a great future in the culinary arts. The highlight was by far the giant dodgeball game however.
Great trip today Century. Thanks so much to our hosts and student leaders. Our future is bright with schools like Century to guide us.