Q-Mack brings a Powerful Message to Eastwood

Today the student body at Eastwood (Early Years to Grade Eight) enjoyed an extremely entertaining and engaging 2 hours with Q-Mack and his friend with the intent of helping promote our Safe Hands, Kind Words initiative and to bolster our Vision of Changing the World by first changing ourselves!  What an incredible show they put on! 

QMack does Basketball tricks while his friend Beatboxes

 The keys to Q-Mack’s discussion was the impact of bullying and the best way to counteract it.  Quin Mack told his own story of being picked on by older children while in school because he could not play hockey in the town of Brantford.  He was also smaller than others and students often laughed at his parents.  Q-Mack used confidence to counteract bullying.  He built confidence by always trying and learning something new.  For him something new was new basketball tricks.  He now is an award winning basketball freestyler signed by Nike.  He is also approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Bullying Registry. 

All 400 children were engaged for 2 full hours by Q-Mack.  Students were asked to participate, prizes were won and some volunteers learned some tricks.  Q-Macks partner entertained the audience with his amazing talents as a beatboxer.  He sang, played the harmonica and beatboxed simultaneously!  What talent! 

Changing the World Starts with You!

The biggest take away from today though was Q-Macks powerful message of working as a team to really change the way we behave in a school.  Using safe hands and kind words always to make Eastwood the best school it can be.  Q-Mack highlighted our posters and then signed every single one of them in the school so that students would be reminded whenever they saw them.   The audience loved the event.  Students lined up outside to get an autograph or throw a basketball to Q-Mack.  He was awesome. 

Safe Hands and Kind Words always at Eastwood

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5 responses to “Q-Mack brings a Powerful Message to Eastwood

  1. That was a fun preformance with a powerful message they sent.

  2. Out of all the events I have ever seen in the 7 years I’ve been at Eastwood, I had never seen anything like this. It was fun, entertaining, and had a great meaningful message about bullying! Thanks Mr.Cowper & Mr.Roth for putting on a great show!

  3. I think Q-mack and scottie where very inspireing to me they sent out a very powerfull message that day.there performance looked as though they practiced for weeks,months even!thank you soooooooo much mr.roth and mr.cowper for letting us us have that wonderfull experience.i also got scotties autograph it looks so neat.

  4. OMG!!! Best b-ball player ever!! ( I even got scott ‘s autograph !!!!)

  5. Reem roxs( MAJOR BLOGER)

    i had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!