News from Principal Cowper

It may be very hard to believe but we are already beginning our planning for our classroom setup and class lists for the 2010-2011 school year! Can you believe it? We have very exciting positive reforms happening in the Eastwood community next school year. Of great interest is our proposal and move towards a balanced school day in September of 2010. Our staff votes and community vote were in favour of the move towards more instructional time and a balanced nutritional and activity based timetable. Staff voted 100% in favour and our community voted 86% in favour of the new timetable. Your Eastwood Parent Involvement Committee strongly encouraged you to support the proposal. Eastwood will make the change along with 11 other schools this year. There are 21 schools in our district that now run off a balanced timetable. For a list of those schools and our proposed bell schedule please see the back page.

We are also very excited to continue to plan for our Early Learning Program. We have 60 students registered for our Early Learning Program and 15 students on a waiting list from other school boundaries. We need to hear from you if you have a 3 or 4 year old that needs to register for school at Eastwood. We would also like to know if your child (age 4-12) will be accessing our extended learning program (before and after school).

Our teachers are beginning to consider our classroom lists for next school year. I can assure you that the teachers and myself place a great deal of care into selecting classroom assignments for our children. We consider many different aspects of the students’ learning profile as we make class lists. If you would like to add any input into that conversation I ask that you do so in writing to Mr. Cowper before May 1st. While I cannot guarantee requests for teachers I can guarantee that we will take your comments into consideration during the process.

As we approach the end of the school year we have a number of major events for students and families to become involved with. Please make sure you follow our Blog at to stay up to date on all our happenings. From Education Weeks Read-a-thon, a visit from Elvis Presley, our Primary and Junior Assessments (EQAO) to track and field and baseball we are jam packed! Starting in April you can also follow us on Facebook @ Eastwood Eagles!

2010-2011 Eastwood Proposed Bell Times:

8:15–School Supervision Bell
8:30–Entry Bell
10:10–Nutrition Break / Activity Break Bell
12:30–Nutrition Break–Lunch / Activity Break
2:50–Dismissall Bell

These are the schools that will also engage in the balanced day timetable beginning in 2010-2011

Dr. David Suzuki
General Brock
Hugh Beaton
MD Bennie
Mill Street
Prince Edward Ruthven

James Cowper
Eastwood P.S.
Get On The Bus . . .We Are Changing The World!


3 responses to “News from Principal Cowper

  1. you write alot

  2. I strongly believe in the concept of the balanced day program, my daughter has been part of it for the past 2 years.

    I was wondering what times do the breaks end at?

    • Our breaks will begin at 10:10 and end at 10:50, start again at 12:30 and end at 1:10. Thanks for checking out our blog.