Hygiene Handbags huge success!

Check out our collected products for Hygiene Handbags! Jessica and her team would like to thank all our students for the support!

5 responses to “Hygiene Handbags huge success!

  1. Dear Mr.Cowper ,
    ( for dystonia fundrasor )

    -I was thinking we could sell braclets – braclets $2.00
    -Do a raftle ( bike , car magnets , anything else I can get) whole week sell at recess (monday – friday)
    – Give out pledgue sheets on the friday before the week of the fundrasor for walk
    – Class with most pledgues per child ( find mean) gets a pizza party
    – have brochues
    – get people to come on the monday to show what dystonia is and how they got it

    I’m still trying to figure out who wants to help

  2. thats agood thing to help people.

  3. Go Eastwood Eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah that’s a cool fundraiser!