Dr Eva Olsson to visit Eastwood

For over a decade, Eva Olsson has spoken to over one million people in schools, service clubs, churches, on armed forces bases, at police force conferences at Queens Park, and the United Nations. Increasingly, the focus of her message is bullying and the importance of not being a bystander to injustice. She uses her life experiences, primarily in the holocaust, to illustrate the power of hate and the importance of standing up against forces of racism, bigotry and intolerance. Her message resonates with a wide variety of audiences. Tomorrow we are privileged to have her speak to our grade 4-8 classes.

5 responses to “Dr Eva Olsson to visit Eastwood

  1. Dear Mr.Cowper,

    How are you today?I hope you are fine.I think that it would be most benifitial for Eastwood to have a Facebook account.

    My reasons for that are because most kids are already on facebook and it would easier for students and parents to just check a profile without opening a new tab or whatever they’d do to get on the blog from Facebook.

    Also if the school could get on Facebook then they would be able to spot alot more Cyber-bullying.

    Finally (not trying to be rude or anything) blogs aren’t as “hip” or “cool” as Facebook so as a school we could make an upgrade

    So that is why it think that Eastwood Public School should have a facebook account 😀

    Clive Osenda

  2. Hello! I was surprised to see an old photograph of me on your blog post from January. I’m not Maya!

    My name is Sugar – and I’m a Border Collie from Montana. I have friends in Canada, but I haven’t been there yet.

    • Cowpernicus


      So cool to hear from you. Obviously you read the story with your owner and hopefully laughed (barked) outloud. While the story was absolutely true the picture we used to show what Maya looked like clearly is a picture of you! The blog writer used a picture of a border collie from the internet and yes, it was you! I guess at this point I should ask if it is okay that we use this picture of you as we never saw Maya again. I guess her owner thought that excitement was enough for this school year. Please send us a current picture with your next hello. There are a few classes in our school that would love to have a Canine pen pal I am sure. In fact maybe you can be the school penpal. Montana looks great in your pictures. Wildlife galore! Well, we hope to talk to you again.

  3. Assignment:

    Dear Mr. Cowper,

    Click, tap, grab, push! Click, tap, grab, push! Click, grap, tap, push! Click, tap, grab, push!
    Do you see where I’m getting at? A hint is billions of people use it as a world- wide interation for making a social life . . . a vertual one! Yes, you know what I am talking abut . . . FACEBOOK!

    I believe that Eastwood Public School should have it’s own Facebook account because every day 94% of people in our class go on Facebook as soon as they come home! (I took a servey!)

    A reason that Eastwood should have it’s own Facebook page is because now more than ever grades are dropping lower and lower and students are failing and failing even more now because they don’t care! If that much people just go on Facebook as soon as hey come home- there #1 priority . . . it must be reason they are failing so much! Because when they have a test, they don’t study! I even asked my friend why she didn’t study for her test- the response I got was because she was too busy going on facebook!

    The reason I brought this fact above was because if my fello peers and students are going to go on Facebook 24/7 all day . . . why cant it be for an educational purpose? Think about it . . . we could create questions that are fun and perhaps a trivia deal like we did in Mrs. Mundy’s room about if you can eat a salty cracker without a drink of water in 1 minute than you will give us a free gym period with 3 friends but if you won (which you are because it is impossibe) I already know that it is impossibe but I’m doing it for fun! This is an great example because it is fun and educational! It will get kids interested!

    Lastly, if stdents are going to go on Facebook as soon as they go home, they could at least do it as an educational purpose!

    This is why I think that the Eastwood eagles should have they’re own Facebook!

    Yours truly,

    P.S. Just incase you are reading this, I posted this under the “Eva Olsson” page because Mr. Cowper asked us to post a comment on why you think the Eastwood Eagles have they’re own Facebook profile? This is because of a deal we made with him! 🙂

  4. She sent a powerful message to all ages!