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Summer Blogging

We are happy to update our school blog all summer.
Please stay tuned for updates in regards to our happenings.


The Last Memo from Mr. Cowper for the School Year

June 29th, 2010
Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your continued support of our endeavors this school year. Because of your children, you, our teachers and most certainly our collaborative work together “We Got On the Bus and Changed the World!”

I need to highlight two very important reminders to all of our returning students and families for next school year.

  • We have moved to a Full Day Learning program for our Early Years Kindergarten students. That means all of our kindergarten students will be attending school every day, all day. We will have three classes of Early Years students lead by Mrs. Angeli, Mrs. Fathers-Yott and Mrs. Fallon. Three new Early Childhood Educators will also be teaching in these rooms. Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Fattouh and Mrs. Ables. Full Day Early Years Kindergarten begins on September 13th, 2010.

We have moved to a Balanced School Day for the new school year. This means that our students will receive two separate nutrition and activity breaks during the day. You will not need to pack more food for your children you will just need to pack it a little different. For tips on packing your child’s lunch please view the document on our school blog. The school day will begin at the same time next year but will end at 2:50 pm. For a complete timetable please see the back of this letter.

This summer I am taking a team of our teachers to Seattle for a learning conference. Follow our learning on the school blog ( and check our Facebook (eastwoodeagles) account for any messages from the school. Please have a safe and enjoyable summer break!

Warning Bell at 8:28. Entry Bell at 8:30 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Dismissal Bell rings @ 2:50

Our Balanced school day will limit distractions during instructional times. Please help us to give the most to your children during the learning day by making appointments outside of the school day and by picking up your children after the dismissal bell. We want to improve our attendance and punctuality next school year. Make a note that our day begins at 8:30. You can help us by helping your child take responsibility for getting to school on time. Punctuality is a life lesson that we wish to help your child develop. As parents please do your part to help your child. Make sure that lunch bags and boxes are packed before the day begins. It is essential during a balanced school day that all children have nutrition at 10:10-10:50 and at 12:30-1:10. These food times maximize blood sugar levels and thus result in better learning.

Dollars for Dystonia: A Student lead Project!

Dollars 4 Dystonia

This week we will be having a goodwill donation draw to win a bike.  The money we raise will go to Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada. If you are to spend $10 or more you will receive a special dystonia bracelet, if you spend $5 you get bubbles, or if you are to spend any amount of money you get candy and if you’re little you can get stickers. While supplies last, so bring your money in soon. Tickets will be sold every recess from June 7th to June 11th, in front of Mrs.Mundys room.

There will also be donation cans all around the school where you can put loose change. All the money raised will also be going to Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada.

On Thursday June 10th we will be giving away the bike, not only that but there will be a walk with music, balloons, activities to do and people coming to talk to you about dystonia.

Thank you for your support,