Summer Blogging

We are happy to update our school blog all summer.
Please stay tuned for updates in regards to our happenings.


4 responses to “Summer Blogging

  1. Its the 5 of July and i got here on the 3erd i thought thsi was supuse to be a vaction not 2 1/2 off of school
    Im camping nearby, im having fun except for the bugs and
    the lack of tv. I know its late but ive been sitting here and there was nothing to do”i guess thats why we have the blog” lol

    ive been sitting here for the last hour thinking about what i said earlyer i should have said


    i guess it does sound better.

  2. Hello Mr. Cowper , hope your having a good summer . Even though we almost bet on kids ”blogging” lol I’m the one who’s on the blog right NOW ! Guess the jokes on me . Have a good summer ’till I M-A-Y-B-E write again .

    Your Student ,


    I thought ”all my love” would sound to weird . ALL MY MY LOVE .

  3. Hey mr cowper its reem im in calgary with my family!!!!!!!!! Ill see you in september!!!!

  4. That’s cool! (: