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Eastwood is Getting Ready!

Our great school is in excellent shape! Special thanks to Bill, Todd and Ms. Duttman for their work on taking care of our school this summer. Teachers have been in all week and have done a tonne of work preparing classrooms. Bulletin boards are empty though! Why? So that they are ready to hang your hard work and showcase your learning.

Parents, you may want to remember these tips when getting your kids ready for school.

1. Indoor shoes are great to have for the gymnasium.

2. Backpacks and pencil cases are great. We have supplies at our school for all students to share though. If your child needs their own materials take advantage of sales at local stores. If you choose to purchase pencils and pens and other items for your child do not send them with all on the first day! Keep a hold of excess and use them when they are needed. Some teachers may have certain items that might be needed but generally we will supply you with the necessary items for learning. Some parents choose to send markers, pencil crayons and other learning materials.

3. If you are interested in purchasing a “Balanced Day Lunch Bag” please see the page above and contact Mrs. Wilson. These kits have two thermo-pouches for keeping lunches warm or cold.

4. What we really need our students to bring on the first day of school is a smile and an eagerness to learn. We are working diligently on creating an environment where all students can achieve great success. This involves hard work on all our parts: teachers, students, parents and volunteers. We continue to work on our Safe Hands and Kind Words environment. Please help remind your students of the impact all our choices have on our futures. We will too!

We are accepting new registrations. Please call our school secretary, Mrs. Iaquinta, to book an appointment. We are glad to have new Eagles landing in our nest!


Facebook and WordPress!


Mr. Cowper and Mr. Dubeau hope you are all having a great summer.  We want all of you to return to our great school safely and happy.

Thanks to all of you for following the school on Facebook!  We are sorry that the school can’t chat with you.  Please do not stop leaving your positive messages though as we look forward to hearing how you are all doing!

Tell us what you are up to!  Leave a comment, post a message, you can even share a video!

Talk again soon friends, students, parents and faculty!

Mr. Cowper