Monday Our Early Learning Program Starts

On Monday at 8:10 we are expected our 70 Kindergarten Students on the first day of their 10 year career at Eastwood! These young eaglets will graduate from Eastwood in 2020. We have a large media event planned for the morning starting at 8:00 am and ending at 10:00 am. Parents from our community are welcome to attend. We are asking for some assistance however as it will be very tight in the Early Years coat room if all of our parents enter. We are asking our families to say goodbyes and give hugs and kisses to their children inside the fenced in play area. We are having local news coverage film the event that leads the first ever Full day, everyday learning program for Ontario, kindergarten students.

Thanks for joining us on Monday. We will take care of your children like they are our own. If you have any questions you can ask the Early Learning Kindergarten team or visit their classroom blog at

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