Eastwood Supports UNICEF

This October, Eastwood celebrate COURAGE. In respect to all of our fellow humans that use courage everyday in the face of adversity we will support UNICEF. Once again we will prove that, together, we can change the world. Throughout the month, we are asking our families to help out the children of the world, who are in need by donating some spare change. As a school, we will compete to see which division (Early Years, Primary, Junior or Intermediate) will bring in the most change as we work together to make a donation to UNICEF on behalf of Eastwood School. UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) was created after World War II in response to the suffering of Europe’s children due to the devastation. This charitable organization helps children around the world who are in need of clothing, shelter, medicine and access to an education. What a great way to teach generosity of spirit as well as empathy for others by making a charitable donation as a family. We are all so lucky to have clean clothes, a roof over our heads and access to health care and education. Please consider donating to this worthwhile cause! Donations can be made in the appropriate water jug in the front hall. Thanks!



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