Progress Reports Go home today!

This year students in Ontario bring home an Elementary Progress Report Card in November followed by Elementary Provincial Report Cards in February and June to communicate student achievement to parents and students.  The new reporting system provides descriptive feedback intended to support improved learning and achievement.  By sending an Elementary Progress Report Card home early in the school year, students, teachers and parents have an opportunity to reflect upon progress to date and discuss plans to ensure future success.

The new Elementary Progress Report Card does not contain grades or numerical marks.  The focus of this progress report is on six learning skills; responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative and self -regulation.  These learning skills are essential for success in school and in the world of work.  The comments related to subject areas describe a student’s general progress in working towards the achievement of the curriculum expectations.  Anecdotal comments focus on what students have learned and can do, describe significant strengths, and identify next steps for improvement.

The Greater Essex County District School Board and Eastwood  School continue to value communication between home and school.  As always, we encourage parents and guardians to discuss concerns and questions with their child’s teacher at any time.

At Eastwood we are striving for excellence in learning.  We encourage, appreciate and expect your support.  We do all that we do for the benefit of our students and the future of our community.


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  1. I GOT STRAIT E’S AND G’S!!!! I am soo happy for my report card 😀 😀