Indigo Love of Reading Grant+Eastwood=$130000!?!

Help us out!  Spread the word!  Eastwood is officially applying for the Indigo / Chapters Love of Reading Grant.

With the 100 thousand dollar grant we will:

1.  Ignite our Love of Reading by increasing our text and print content in the school:

  • Rebuilding our Classroom Libraries in every room in the school!
  • Adding 20 Kobo eReaders to our Eagle View World Cafe
  • Move from 8000 books in the Learning Commons to 12000 books
  • Move from 2 dozen duel language books to 300 for our families to show literacy skills in their native language
  • Continue to build our Teacher’s professional resource section of the Learning Commons
  • Continue to build our Guided Reading resources
  • Continue to build on our parent lending library

2.  Build our Love of Reading Culture at home and school:

  • Create 4 classroom kits in every classroom equipped with a Flip Camera, books and a board game so students can record learning with parents
  • The video will be captured for display in the school
  • This home connection will truly cultivate a love of reading at home

3.  Provide Plasma Gliders for our after school reading and tutoring programs healthy living component.

How can you help?  Simple….spread the word by:

  • Talking about the great things we are doing at Eastwood.
  • Talking about the Indigo Grant:  Love of Reading
  • Join the Love of Reading Facebook page:
  • Follow @IndigoLOR on Twitter and let them know!
  • Watch the Video:

4 responses to “Indigo Love of Reading Grant+Eastwood=$130000!?!

  1. Aww… The second one is really cute ♥

  2. That was prettey cool! (:

  3. This is so amazing first Mrs King and the knitting grant and the Indigo grant. Go Eastwood!

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