$2000.00 News Flash!

Mr. Cowper received a phone call today from Indigo Lakeshore.  The incredible news is that the store (because of our final day bake sale and concert) came in first place in the region for fundraising for the Love Of Reading during the month of March!  Because of this Indigo Canada kicked in an additional $2000.00 towards our reading needs!  That brings a total of $5017.83 to Eastwood to be spent on materials from Indigo Lakeshore.

WOW! ! !  Wait till you hear how we are going to spend it!  All kids in the school will have the chance to win one a shopping spree for their classroom.  That’s right we are giving away 20 – $200.00 shopping sprees to 20 lucky students with 20 lucky teachers! 

Stay tuned for more information and how we are going to choose the winners and what they have to do to win!


4 responses to “$2000.00 News Flash!

  1. Hasana ☺♪☺


  2. man i cant wait 😎 😎 go eastwood

  3. Mr. Cowper,

    This is very exciting. Our class is eager to participate! What do we need to do to get these shopping sprees for our classroom materials?

    What are we doing with the other 1000.00 leftover? As Grade 2 students(with Keegan’s help) we quickly multiplied and figured out there was some money leftover!

    We already have many great ideas for the items we would like in our classroom.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to pick out some new books!

    We can’t wait to hear more.


  4. Incredible!!! – Good Job Eastwood!!!!