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Indigo Shopping Spree was a success

On Sunday, May 29th at 2 pm Eastwood Eagles (teachers, parents and students) descended upon Indigo Lakeshore to spend our $4000.00 in the adopt a school program.

Students excitedly search, selected, calculated and recalculated as they attempted to come in under 200 dollars for the event. Every classroom (20) in the school got the chance to spend 200 dollars. One team (the intermediates) even decided to pool their money to make it go even further.

The event was a blast. Thanks to all parents and teachers for bringing the students together to show that reading and books are very important to all of us.


$4000 shopping spree

Sunday, May 29th 2:00pm
Indigo Lakeshore
Be there for the $4000 shopping spree to fill our classrooms!


Help Us, Help your Student

EQAO Assessments of Primary and Junior Learning

Our assessments will begin on Monday, May 30th. All students in grades 3 and 6 will write 2 assessments in reading, writing and math. View this video for information on the province wide assessment.

$4000.00 Shopping Spree Announced

Dear Parent/Guardians,

This Sunday, May 29th at 2:00 pm is Eastwood’s official time to celebrate and spend our generous $4000 in fundraising at our community partner Indigo Lakeshore store! This money was raised thanks to many staff, students and parent’s support of literacy at Eastwood with books purchased at Indigo Lakeshore, as well as, a bake sale and concert during the month of March.

With $4000 dollars to spend, we are giving away 20 – $200.00 shopping sprees to 20 students that will represent their classroom in a shopping spree to be held at Indigo Lakeshore this Sunday, May 29th at 2:00 pm. We invite all students and parents or guardians to attend this special event and show your support of Eastwood’s Literacy Initiative to get more books into every classroom and every students hands!

Thank you to all students who created a persuasive article on why they should be chosen as the classroom library representative to purchase books. Thank you to all the teachers who had the hardest time to select only one classroom representative.
All student entries were appreciated and were well done.

Congratulations to our classroom representatives. All classroom representatives and their parent/guardians are asked to please arrive for a 2 pm planning meeting with Mr. Cowper and teachers at Indigo Lakeshore.

Thank You,
Eastwood Staff

Parent Book Talk

Our parent book talk is being rescheduled due to the late arrival of our books. Stay tuned for more information!

Thanks Mr. Cowper

Indigo Shopping Spree!

Listen to our students make their case for going on a shopping spree to Indigo on Sunday, May 29th!