Education Week was a huge success!

Thank you to students, parents and staff for an excellent education week. Congratulations to 7F and 5M for winning our first ever “READ-O” game. READ-O is a whole school Bingo game created for readers and was done over the announcements during education week. On Wednesday, many parents were at Eastwood with their child reading in the classroom or the Eagles’ Nest. An excellent way to support literacy! Also on Wednesday, all students were provided with special literacy and learning presentations. Early Years to Grade 2 enjoyed a special visit from Crazy Raisy where he provided some songs and stories. Students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 enjoyed a visit from Shelley Awad, a Local Childrens’ Author Shelley Awad who shared her book writing experiences and read to students. Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 had the pleasure to listen to the wonderful music from Jody Raffoul and learn about careers in music and educational opportunities available at St. Clair College.
Another great event of education week was the first ever EPIC Games Night.

Students and parents joined together to play board games in the Eagles’ Nest and uncover the joy of reading and thinking that is abundant in many board games. On Friday, education week closed with a whole school read-a-thon that included rooms that provided reading of graphic novels and comics, newspapers, Robert Munsch books, reading around the world, as well as, themed rooms that addressed Sowing the Seeds of Literacy (gardening theme), “Let’s Go to the Movies”, The Beach and “If I Were a Cookie…”.
Thank you again to all students, parents, and staff for your efforts in fundraising and supporting Eastwood’s 2011 Education Week and Read-A-Thon.



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