TRACK AND FIELD Events Planned!

As part of our Physical Education Curriculum and in support of "fit week’, all students from grade 3-8 will participate in the Eastwood track and field meet on Friday, May 20th (rain date is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24th). The meet will begin after morning announcements and run until 2:50 p.m. All parents/guardians are welcomed to come out and support your child throughout the day. Those who make the team will go on to compete in the Cheswick Qualifying Meet at Sandwich High School on June 14th. All students from grade 3-8 will participate in support of “Fit Week.”

We are excited to offer our school track meet right here at home. Throughout the day, students will have easy access to washrooms, shaded areas and a first aid station. ****Please ensure that they arrive dressed appropriate for both the activities and the weather (including hats and sunscreen). As well, they should bring lunches and enough snacks and water to sustain them for the busy day. ****All events will be posted on the Eastwood Blog (note: times may change as events run early or late).

Field Events

Pit #1 Pit#2 Pit#3 Shot Put
8:45 13/Open Boys Running Long 11yr. Girls Running Long 10yr. Boys Standing Long 11yr. Boys
9:30 12yr. Girls Running Long 12yr. Boys Running Long 9yr. Girls Standing Long 11yr. Girls
10:15 11yr.Boys Triple Jump 13/Open Running Long 8yr. Boys Standing Long 12yr. Boys
11:00 11yr. Girls Triple Jump 11yr. Boys Running Long 9yr. Boys Standing Long 13/Open Boys
11:30 12 yr. Boys Triple Jump 10yr.Boys Running Long 10yr. Girls Standing Long 12yr. Girls
12:00 9yr.Girls Running Long 9yr. Boys Running Long 13/Open Girls
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:15 12yr. Girls Triple Jump 8yr. Boys Running Long 8yr. Girls Standing Long
1:45 13/Open Girls Triple Jump 8yr. Girls Running Long
2:15 13/Open Boys Triple Jump 10yr. Girls Running Long

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  1. Hasana ☺☻☺

    Mr.Cowper when r the meter runs? Im doin’ the 100m run! So I need the time for that