Indigo Shopping Spree was a success

On Sunday, May 29th at 2 pm Eastwood Eagles (teachers, parents and students) descended upon Indigo Lakeshore to spend our $4000.00 in the adopt a school program.

Students excitedly search, selected, calculated and recalculated as they attempted to come in under 200 dollars for the event. Every classroom (20) in the school got the chance to spend 200 dollars. One team (the intermediates) even decided to pool their money to make it go even further.

The event was a blast. Thanks to all parents and teachers for bringing the students together to show that reading and books are very important to all of us.

2 responses to “Indigo Shopping Spree was a success

  1. Sharon Foster

    It was nice to get new books and to get $80,000 for the school library!

  2. Hasana ☺☻☺

    We’ve got awesome books in our class 😆