Summer Reading Program has a WebLog!

Families and Students of Eastwood:

This is Mr. Cowper sending you all a message hoping you are having a safe and fun summer break!

The reason you are getting this message is because you signed up to take part in our first ever summer reading program! I am very excited to send you this message! I have been reading with my own children everyday this summer (usually before bedtime!).

We have a place for you all to comment on your summer of reading, playing, learning, relaxing and basically anything that you have been doing this summer break!

Check it out at:

We want to know what activities you have been doing! We want to know what book you picked out at Indigo! We want to know what you have been reading!

Please stop by the blog and leave a comment or write an article to be posted on the blog.

You can write an article by sending it to this email address:

I so look forward to hearing about your summer events! Be safe, continue having fun and enjoy our great city this summer!


Mr. Cowper

3 responses to “Summer Reading Program has a WebLog!

  1. i didnt get to do the summer reading program i didnt have time

    • I had the same probelem Reham.. your not the ONLY one :(((. Well, I did get most of it done.. But Im on vacation!!

  2. *Reading books*