Eastwood SPIRIT Assemblies for 2011-2012

Eastwood School: Every Voice is Heard, Every Mind is Growing

Our SPIRITs of the Year for Eastwood School 2011-2012. Parents and guests are welcome to join our celebrations in the Eastwood Gymnasium. The names in the far right column are the students and teachers that will be presenting at the assembly.

Month SPIRIT ASSEMBLY and TROPHY CASE Responsibility
September 30, 9 am Respect for All: Self, Others, Environment, Opportunities SPIRIT Team
October 31, 9 am Celebrate Respect
Kick off Courage
1 Wideen, 5/6 Mundy
(trophy November)
November 29, 9:30 am Celebrate Courage
Kick Off Cooperation
1 Belanger 5/6 Fink
(trophy December)
December 22, 10:50 am Celebrate Cooepration
Kick off Bump it Up
EYAngeli, 7/8 Pells (trophy January)
January 31, 1:10 pm Celebrate Bump it Up
Kick off Kindness and Caring
EYFallon, 7/8 Stewart (trophy February)
February 29, 11:40 am Celebrate Kindness and Caring
Kick off Responsibility
2 Koperwas, 4/5 Chartier (trophy March)
March 30, 2:10 pm Celebrate Responsibility Kick off Trust and Honesty 2/3 denOuden, 7/8 Demchuk
(trophy April)
April 30, 9 am Celebrate Trust and Honesty
Kick off Decisions and Acceptance
3 Watson, ELL
(trophy May)
May 31, 10:50 am

June 27, 9 am

Celebrate Decisions and Acceptance
Celebration of Good Citizenship through Leadership

Spirit Assembly Year End Celebration

Benvenuto / McGuire / Feghali
(Trophy June)

Spirit Team

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