Hand washing and Health at Eastwood

Families of Eastwood:

It is that time of year when we must remind all students and adults of our appropriate hand washing practises! Proper Hand washing helps prevent the passing of unwanted germs and illnesses.

When washing hands please remember:

1. wet your hands with warm water
2. put soap on your hands
3. rub both sides of your hands and in between your fingers
4. rinse with warm water
5. dry your hands with a towel or under the dryer

Also remember:

1. cough or sneeze into your elbow
2. keep tissues close when you have a "cold."
3. use of hand sanitizer will help prevent the passing of unwanted germs

Thanks everyone for helping us keep Eastwood school clean and safe.

James Cowper
Eastwood P.S.
"Every Voice is Heard, Every Mind is Growing"

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