Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
Bring 1 loonie for three shots at Mr. Cowper in net!
Adults must pay a toonie for three shots!

Each goal wins you a chance at tickets to a Team Canada Game at the WFCU Centre this Holiday Season!

All proceeds will be used to build our emergency food cupboards around the school!


4 responses to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

  1. What is the EastWood emergancy food cupboards?

    • Our Emergency Food Cupboard is used daily to help when students forget lunch, need extra food to eat or require some quick nutrition. We are going to keep it stocked with healthy choices and drinks in case of “food emergencies.” We certainly want to be careful that this is not taken advantage of and at the same time that all students know they can count on food if it is needed.

  2. Go easy on them, Mr.Cowper :)!

  3. hehe we can make bobble heads with you guys 🙂