Reading Goals At Eastwood

We are challenging every student and adult at Eastwood school to set goals and have plans to reach them this school year and into the "New Year".

Specifically we have undertaken the job of making sure every student at Eastwood JK-8 can answer these three questions:

1. What reading level are you at? (How do you read? JK/SK)
2. What is your next level and what one strategy are you using to get there? (How are you getting better? JK/SK)
3. What is your end of the year goal? (What is your reading goal? JK/SK)

We are committed to making sure kids know the answers. We believe that to get somewhere you first need to know where you are, and second, have a plan for reaching your destination.

Next time you visit Eastwood check out our Eastwood Staff Bulletin board where you will find the staffs’ goals and plans! We are practising what we teach!

We have a plan to make sure every child in our school moves forward in their learning and that our teachers’ instructional practises (the way they teach) align with the student’s learning needs. We are not celebrating where we are or where we want to go but the growth in between!

We are doing our best to impact the reading achievement at Eastwood! Why not writing and math? We still teach from the Ontario curriculum and base assessments on all of our subjects. We are using reading as our guiding force at Eastwood. Well…it is our firm belief that when reading achievement improves so too does math and writing.

Help us…….READ READ READ and talk to your child about READING!

James Cowper
Eastwood P.S.
"Every Voice is Heard, Every Mind is Growing"


One response to “Reading Goals At Eastwood

  1. I like this message and I have to say reading grows your mind ! Right now I’m reading 2 books, and I hope when I’m finished them soon, my mind will be a little bigger, better, and broader ! Thanks for the love of reading Eagles !
    Mrs. Berdan