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Purchase your Official Eastwood Eagle Hat today!

This year we are offering our Eastwood Eagles baseball caps to all of our Baseball players and to our students for $7.00! The hat comes as one size fits all with a velcro back. The “E” is embroidered for durability.

This is the official hat of the Eastwood Eagles baseball teams! Get yours today. If you are interested you can send your $7.00 to Mr. Cowper starting tomorrow to reserve your hat. They will be available for purchase on Monday, April 30.


Goodbye Miss Friessen

Yesterday the students and Mrs Feghali wished our student CYW a farewell. Thanks Miss Friessen for your work at Eastwood with Mrs Goertzen.


The CBC covers our Earth Day Ceremony!

Today Miss Benvenuto and her entire Eco-Team prepared and hosted an incredible assembly involving many of the students and teachers at Eastwood. Coverage of the event will be on tonight’s news broadcast on channel 9.1 CBC. Of special interest was the presentation from CUPE27 and our own caretaker Miss Duttman to our EcoTeam! The team received shirts and gifts for the hard work they have been involved in in helping Eastwood GO GREEN. We especially have been pushing litterless and healthy lunches!

The team unveiled our fourth norm today: WE LEARN AND CREATE A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT.

The work and learning for all students around our EcoTeam initiative is admirable. Thanks to all.

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Reading in the Nest with Mandy.

Maja the Author

Orff instruments in class

Eastwood’s Chess Apprentice

Owen Salamone has only been playing chess for a few months and already is a class A chess player. Introduced to by his Vice Principal and training with a coach, he has already accomplished to obtain four medals and a trophy placing first in his school at Eastwood for his division. He has future plans to keep playing for Eastwood and to compete in competitions in Toronto and to go much further. He states that the game has a way to keep him and his mind at ease and to build better concentration. He finds the game to be a neutral defensive and offensive game and states his goal to become a chess master. Training everyday and getting better and better at the game. Originally helped by Zoltan the chess master at Eastwood school Owen now takes private lessons from Mr. Lee.

He is even reading a book named End Game by Bobby Fisher about Chess studying every move he has to. Only in grade seven he has already accomplished so much in just a few months. I sat down with him today to interview him and to try to understand his tactics and understand the game from his perspective. Even though is started as just a simple interview with what we call a brilliant chess mind turned into an intense game. As I tried my hardest to beat him in his own game it seemed like he countered every one of my moves and every time I thought I had him trapped he would come around and turn the game in a split second. Not to my surprise I had lost in a devastating fashion. Right at that moment I started to question myself on how this boy of only grade seven could pick up this game made for the greater minds played by some of the most genius people in the world (like our Vice Principal who I think was also beaten by Owen) in only a few months.

I can now say that I do believe that Owen has a great chance of accomplishing his goals of being a chess master and going even further and maybe becoming one of the greatest chess players of the century and as he states the only way he can be great is if he practises everyday getting better and better. All things considered he is by far one of the greatest chess players ever known at Eastwood Public School where Mr. Dubeau and Mrs. Nardone continue to help aspiring chess players each day in the Eagle’s Nest.

written by: Nathan M. of 7/8D

pictures and editing by: Mr. Cowper