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Safe Arrival and Departure at Eastwood

At Eastwood we endeavour to provide a safe and orderly environment to learn for all. Our educators wear the bright orange vests for their safety and to make themselves easily distinguishable on the yard.

This year the City of Windsor has helped us by providing a Traffic Bylaw Enforcement Officer to the school to help with traffic flow and understanding the rules and regulations of our pickup and dropoff area and the Kiss ‘n Ride area. You are reminded that parking and leaving your vehicle is not permitted in either area. As well smoking is prohibited on school property or in a vehicle with children.

Thanks for helping us keep our school and students safe. You are all reminded to use the cross walk at Lauzon and Forest Glade drive to get across the street.



The Stand Up Challenge Club is coming!

Track Uniforms are In!


Do know that this year we are allowing our students to purchase their track Uniforms if they so choose?  $10 and one is yours.  Jerseys are numbered on the back!

EQAO Assessment Begins Tomorrow!

The Education Quality and Accountability Office assessment of Primary and Junior programs begins tomorrow at Eastwood School!

Students in grades 3 and 6 will complete 6 one hour sessions assessing reading, writing and mathematics for the first 5 and 8 years of their schooling.

We have worked very diligently to help our students improve their learning.  We have looked very closely at our own work and learning towards improved teaching with students at Eastwood.  We know that our work will translate to improved performance on this year’s assessment.

Feel free to find out further information about this year’s and previous assessments at

Class Lists for 2012-13 are being created!

It is that time of year parents when teachers are working through class lists in order to build our classes for our next academic year. Teachers at Eastwood look at an array of reasons for making classlists. They work in teams and discuss possible class configurations with previous and next year’s teachers. We assure you that the teachers and Principal place a great deal of care into selecting classroom assignments for our children. We consider many different aspects of the student’s learning profile as we make class lists. If you would like to add any input into that conversation we ask that you do so in writing to Mr. Cowper before June 22th. While we cannot guarantee requests for teachers we can guarantee that we will take your comments into consideration during the process.

Juniors Rock Out

Our Junior students rocked at the Etienne Concert today. Held at the St Clair Theatre of the Arts the French Lyrical Rock and Roll kept them moving and Dancing in the seats!



Eastwood Readathon Success

Today the school had an awesome day! We all participated in an awesome event and raised money for our Outdoor Classroom! We raised just over $3300.00! There were 10 themed rooms including Occupy Eastwood Camp site where students read about and played Charades!

The big winner was Mousa who rode away on an awesome mountain bike.

Over $150.00 was given away in grab the cash money! 1W won the pizza party for raising the most money!

Great event Eastwood. Way to go