Extended Morning DPA Time on Friday!

Tomorrow we celebrate our first read-a-thon incentive for raising $1,000.

On Friday May 11, 2012 the Beginning of the Day will extend until 9:00 am and students can continue to socialize and play in the school yard until 9AM. (AKA Later Learning Start on the read-a-thon poster) Teachers that are covering their own class or another class (providing prep coverage) will go outside at 8:30 am. Teachers will stay outside with their class for these 30 minutes. Feel free to use this time as DPA or playing a game with your class etc.Teachers can take attendance at 8:30 if they would like to or can wait until 9:00 am when students enter the school. Pease continue to encourage the individual goal of $25 from each student and talk up the next incentive of $2000 Double Fitness Break and the $5000 Mr. Cowper Give a Pig a Kiss Day!
Thank You All,
Education Committee


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