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Classes are Set Temporarily

Parents and Students of Eastwood:

Our class lists have been created and students have been notified of classes for the Fall. Today each child travelled to their expected classroom.

These lists are temporary until September 15th, 2012 after reorganization day in September.

Some changes may be necessary at that time and as such there will be no adjustments made until that date.

Thanks parents and students!


Good Luck and Thanks from Mrs. Iaquinta!

Families of Eastwood,

Below is a short note from Mrs. Iaquinta who will be moving on in her great career with the GECDSB. She is moving to the position of head secretary at the Adult Learning Centre! Congrats Mrs Iaquinta, we love you!

My sincere thanks to all Eastwood Students and their families for making my job as Eastwood Secretary so wonderful for the past 12 years.
I am moving on to a new endeavor as Senior Secretary at the Adult Learning Center. I am excited to begin a new chapter in my career, but very sad to leave Eastwood.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!
Have a safe and happy summer!!

Mrs. Iaquinta

The Eddies agenda

The Eastwood Eddies!

Tuesday, June 26th, 11 am

1. Norms

2. O’Canada in the gym lead by Mrs. Mulawka and grade 5/6 students signing.

3. Re-visit Citizenship

4. Video recognizing all teams and clubs

5. Explain what will happen at the end of the assembly. The entire gym will have signs posted of all the clubs and teams. At the very end of the assembly classes will go back except those students who need to pick up there certificates. A grade 7 or 6 student will be standing under/near the club signs to handout the certificates to those students.

6. Grade 8 Awards

7. Eco team video

8. Challenge Cup pics

9. Class Eddie awards….The Eddie goes to….

10. Staff recognition

11. Norms and closing remarks by Mr. Cowper and Mr. Dubeau

Community Event – Monday August 20th Vision to Practice

Monday August 20th Vision to Practice- Inspire, Inquire, Influence… Make a Difference!

The GECDSB is pleased to host a community event for parents, students and staff on Monday, August 20th at Caesars Convention Centre.

The event will commence at 6:30 p.m.

Featured with be Chantal Vallee, coach of the two time champion University of Windsor Girls Basketball team.

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy digital storyteller Doug Keeley, and a play by our very own John Nabben of Walkerville Highschool, entitled, Under the Apple Tree- Inspiring Moments in Education.

Our hope is that parents and their children join the event to be inspired by the story of the Windsor Girls Basketball team. Our message is that anything can be achieved!

Parents, students and staff are all warmly welcomed to attend. Ten tickets will be sent to every school via the courier for distribution to your Parent Councils.

Tickets are free for our staff, students and parents.

Tickets will be available to the general public for $10 each.

This email and any attachments may contain confidential and privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately by return email, delete this email and destroy any copies. Any dissemination or use of this information by a person other than the intended recipient is unauthorized and may be illegal. Unless otherwise stated, opinions expressed in this email are those of the author and are not endorsed by the author’s employer.
Greater Essex County District School Board

Speaker’s Poster.pdf

June 12, District Track and Field Schedule

Qualifying Track Meet for Eastwood School
Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Sandwich Secondary School
Departure from Eastwood School after attendance approx. 8:45 am
Drop off at Eastwood School at approx. 3:30 pm
Events and Approximate Schedules

*All events will proceed as close to the appointed time as possible, unless otherwise indicated by the Meet Director. Athletes/coaches are responsible for being at their event on time.
No event will be delayed/redone due to the absence of any competitor.

*Track events take precedence over field events.*

Start TimeTrack EventField Event

9:30 am -1500 10:00am Boys 10yr Standing – Pit 1
11yr girl Girls 10yr Standing – Pit 2
11yr boy Boys 8yr Long – Pit 3
12yr girl Girls 8yr Long – Pit 4
12yr boy Boys 12yr Shot – Pit 1
13yr girl Girls 12yr Shot – Pit 2
13yr boy

10:15 am -100’s 10:45am Boys 12yr Tri -Pit 1
9yr old girl Girls 12yr Tri – Pit 2
9yr old boy Boys 10yr Long – Pit 3
8yr old girl Girls 10yr Long – Pit 4
8yr old boy Boys 11yr Shot – Pit 1
10yr old girl Girls 11yr Shot – Pit 2
10yr old boy
11yr old girl
11yr old boy

10:45 am -100’s
12yr old girl
12yr old boy
13yr old girl 11:30 am Boys 8yr Standing – Pit 1
13yr old boy Girls 8yr Standing – Pit 2
Open girl Boys 9yr Long – Pit 3
Open boy Girls 9yr Long – Pit 4

Boys 13yr Shot – Pit 1
Girls 13yr Shot – Pit 2

11:30 am -400’s
10yr girl
10yr boy
11yr girl
11yr boy
12yr girl
12yr boy
13yr girl
13yr boy
Open girl
Open boy

LUNCH BREAK -as time allows (if at all)

12.45 pm -200’s 12:45pm Boys 11 yr Tri – Pit 1
9yr old girl Girls 11 yr Tri – Pit 2
9yr old boy Boys 12 yr Long – Pit 3
8yr old girl Girls 12 yr Long – Pit 4
8yr old boy Boys Open Shot – Pit 1
10yr old girl Girls Open Shot – Pit 2
10yr old boy
11yr old girl
11yr old boy
12yr old girl
12yr old boy
13yr old girl
13yr old boy
Open girl 1:30pm Boys Open Tri – Pit 1
Open boy Girls Open Tri – Pit 2
Boys 13 yr Long – Pit 3
Girls 13 yr Long – Pit 4

1:30pm -800’s
9 yr old girl
9 yr old boy
8 yr old girl
8 yr old boy
10 yr old girl
10 yr old boy
11yr old girl
11yr old boy
12yr old girl
12yr old boy 2:00pm Boys 9yr Standing – Pit 1
13yr old girl Girls 9yr Standing – Pit 2
13yr old boy Boys 11yr Long – Pit 3
Open girl Girls 11yr Long – Pit 4
Open boy

2:45 pm -all relays 2:30pm Boys 13yr Tri – Pit 1
9yr old girl Girls 13 yr Tri – Pit 2
9yr old boy Boys Open Long – Pit 3
8yr old girl Girls Open Long – Pit 4
8yr old boy
10yr old girl
10yr old boy
11yr old girl
11yr old boy
12yr old girl
12yr old boy
13yr old girl
13yr old boy


*All schools continue to be grouped according to Large and Small School, for Qualifying Meets

Small School – Cheswick (at Sandwich Secondary School)

*Group A-1: 1. Beaton 2. Maxwell 3. Hetherington 4.McCallum 5. Central 6. Eastwood 7. Benson 8. Campbell (lane assignment TBA)

*Group A-2: 1. Glenwood 2. Princess Elizabeth 3. Taylor 4.Brock 5.Coronation
6. Parkview 7. Roseville 8. Oakwood (lane assignment TBA)


Qualifying Meets:

Director Date Rain Date Location Meets

S. Allen June 12 June 13 Sandwich S.S. Ches. A-1

Championship Meets

T.Awender June 14 June 18 Sandwich S.S A Division

NOTE: Rain dates will only be used in extreme situations, when, in the opinion of the meet director, the safety of the athletes is compromised. The meet director shall
make every attempt to contact all competing school as soon as possible if a meet is to be postponed. Coaches need to check their email, prior to departing the morning of their meet should the weather pose a concern. The Track and Field Convenors and Meet Directors appreciate your co-operation and hard work in making this sport such a huge success.

Stomp the court

Stomp the nest.