The Eddies agenda

The Eastwood Eddies!

Tuesday, June 26th, 11 am

1. Norms

2. O’Canada in the gym lead by Mrs. Mulawka and grade 5/6 students signing.

3. Re-visit Citizenship

4. Video recognizing all teams and clubs

5. Explain what will happen at the end of the assembly. The entire gym will have signs posted of all the clubs and teams. At the very end of the assembly classes will go back except those students who need to pick up there certificates. A grade 7 or 6 student will be standing under/near the club signs to handout the certificates to those students.

6. Grade 8 Awards

7. Eco team video

8. Challenge Cup pics

9. Class Eddie awards….The Eddie goes to….

10. Staff recognition

11. Norms and closing remarks by Mr. Cowper and Mr. Dubeau


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