Welcome New Teachers!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dear Eastwood Kindergarten Parents/Guardians:

During the first two weeks of every school year, the Greater Essex County District School Board undergoes some minor reorganization as a response to either increased or decreased enrolment. Our specific situation at Eastwood is such that we will be increasing our teaching compliment due to an increase in student enrolment in Early Years division. We have so many new students that we get to open a third Full Day, Early Learning Kindergarten classroom! We thought this might happen and we feel so fortunate. We were prepared to make this positive change!

We would first like to bid a welcome to Mrs. Pickersgill who will join Mrs. Ables in our new room. We would also like to bid welcome to Mrs. Labbe (La-Bay) who will join Mrs. Fallon as an Early Childhood Educator. We also would like to welcome Mrs. Wakeman who will join us as a full time teacher! Congratulations everyone.


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