The Big Crunch

On Thursday October 25 we will be celebrating a special day. The Great Big Crunch is an annual event held across the Greater Essex County schools. This is an opportunity for students and teachers to learn more about healthy eating and local growers. Students will participate along with teachers and staff in a simultaneous apple crunch in the gym. Students are encouraged to wear green, red or yellow to school this day. Mr. Cowper and Mr. Dubeau along with a couple of students will be bobbing for apples to start of the event. This is a great way to introduce students to eating healthy whole fruits that we grow right here in southwestern Ontario! And don’t stop after the first crunch, keep crunching until the whole apple is gone!


One response to “The Big Crunch

  1. My daughter was very excited about the big crunch today! She came home and told me all about it! (In 4 yr old detail of course…it was nice to read more of the details here on the blog page).
    Sara Whittle