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The Eastwood School Focus for 2012-2013

With much momentum in the area of reading and writing and based on the needs of our student body we decided as a professional staff to plan all of our learning around Non-Fiction Writing and Metacognition skills this academic year.

Non-Fiction Writing = Writing for a purpose to a specific audience with the intent of sharing knowledge, learning or problem solving.  Examples of non-fiction writing might be:

  • recipes
  • auto/biographies
  • math problem solving plans
  • persuasive letters
  • news articles
  • reports and scripts for youtube videos
  • captions on pictures
  • blog posts
  • informational texts etc.

Metacognition = when students share the thinking about their thinking. When they can articulate how they arose at a solution, resolution or problem and the thinking that helped get them there.

Self-Efficacy = a students sense of ability or the combination of resilience and accomplishment.  When a student knows that it was their thinking, effort and work that lead to deeper learning and achievement.

Examples of Metacognition are answers to these types of questions when discussing writing:

  1. What did you know about your audience that informed your planning process?
  2. What strategy did you find most helpful for organizing your information?
  3. What editting strategies are most helpful for you?

If you have any further questions regarding our focused work this school year please see you Eastwood Teacher for help.  We would love to help you help your children at home!

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