Eastwood has a Write to Win!

Write to Win and Share Your Learning
A Monthly Contest for Students of Eastwood Public School
Every month students will be given a topic to write about and a chance to WIN a grand prize for their written work.
In addition, other students will be selected for Honorary Mentions and receive a small gift. The students selected as the Grand Prize Winner and as Honorary Mentions will get the chance to share their work online and/or over the school announcements.
December Contest Information:
Non-fiction Writing Topic: My Favourite Song
Grand Prize: $20 iTunes Gift Card
Entries can be hand written or typed and must be received at the office no later than 3 pm on Friday December 14, 2012.

Roger Dubeau, OCT
Vice Principal
Eastwood Public School

One response to “Eastwood has a Write to Win!

  1. Dear Mr.cower,

    I would like to be a presenter on the show because I really like to talk about heath. Also, I should be a presenter on the show because this is something I like todo and to give good opinions and to share ideas that i would like to talk about the topics. The other thing is that for reading for the other topic is how did it change in the past years or so. If I can be a presenter that would be great and please choose me because I love to share my opinions on the topic