Eastwood School Climate Survey

Parents and Students: Eastwood Needs Your Voice!

This year we are conducting an anonymous school climate survey of our students. We are excited to complete and share the survey results with our Eastwood Spirit Team. This is a requirement in Ontario as outlined in the Accepting School Act (Bill 13) and previously part of PPM 145, Progressive Discipline and Promoting Positive Student Behaviour.

The results of the school climate surveys will assist our School Spirit team in determining next steps for our school. This valuable tool will allow for student voice and parental/guardian voice and to identify and target areas of need utilizing tangible data collected biannually.

Student Survey
The surveys were created for Grades 4-6, Grades 7-8 (Click on a grade to link to the survey). You can also view the video to help you understand how to complete the survey. The survey contains 30 questions and should take around 30 minutes to complete.

Parent/Guardian Survey
For this year only, we will have the survey on our Board’s website, and your school website, for parents/guardians to access.

The closing date will be March 22, 2013. After this date the surveys will be closed and the data will be shared with the school leaders and teams.

  • All students in grades 4 through 8 will complete the survey by March 22nd, 2013.

(Grade 4 – 6) http://www.gecdsbsurveys.org/se.ashx?s=705E3EF03842A96C

(Grade 7 – 8) http://www.gecdsbsurveys.org/se.ashx?s=705E3EF03842A968

  • Please use this link if you are a Parent and you wish to complete the survey :


I thank you for your continued and vested interest in helping Eastwood be great!

Mr. Cowper


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