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Thank You Eastwood Community: A letter

Eastwood Eagles

The most important thing is to be kind.

Dear Parents, Students and Eastwood Community Members

It is with profound happiness that I address you this last time as your Principal in saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for 6 years of absolute joy working as your school’s lead learner.  As you may have heard I have been asked to move on to support the learning and work of another great community in Kingsville at Kingsville Public School.  I am happy to announce Principal Nick Arundine (Ah-run-din-ay) as Eastwood School’s newest Eagle.  Principal Arundine is ecstatic to join the team!

 I have always asked our teachers and students to embrace change and view each change as an opportunity to grow and learn.   I will model that philosophy by using the skills I have honed here and the strength taught to me by Eastwood students in making a successful and enthusiastic transition to my new school.  I will take with me the fond and everlasting memories of students at Eastwood School.

Eastwood has been my home for 6 academic years.  I have raised my own children through my time here.  We have added a family member from the very student population at Eastwood.  The parents and teachers in the Eastwood community have helped shape my parenting and my life.  The students of Eastwood have trusted me to help cultivate a positive vision of their futures.  I am eternally grateful for the trust given to me to work with every child and every adult in an effort to bring a vision of a great and successful future to our community and to each individual.

We made kindness the most important part of being an Eagle.  We walked together on the sweet grass road and reminded and helped each other when we fell or forgot.  We were always there for each other, apologizing, picking each other up, supporting and listening to our understandings.  I witnessed incredible acts of kindness and courage at Eastwood and was inspired daily by our children and our leaders.  Often our children were our leaders.  Their voices and thoughts brought honesty and integrity to our work.

In the time that I spent at Eastwood school I always did my best.  I stepped up to challenges and made decisions based on the needs of our students.  I relied on the experiences and observations of our great teachers and our parents.  It is in working collaboratively, reflecting and dialoguing with each of you that we were able to make great things happen for kids.  Our work together was not without failures, mistakes and missteps.  These were essential to our learning together.  One might say that if we weren’t making mistakes we just weren’t trying hard enough!

Eastwood is a safe and kind school.  It is this way because of you.  Every member of the Eastwood family contributed to its greatness and will continue to shape its future and define its culture.  I am a better man, principal, parent and human because of my time at Eastwood among the Eagles.

I wish all of you the best in life.  I am only a tweet away!  Follow my learning and let me know about yours.

Wake up each day be your best self and remember that it is a great day to be kind.

My Sincere Thanks,

Mr. Cowper




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Let’s Talk on Cogeco 11 with Cas McGeown films at Eastwood!

What an exciting opportunity our students have been granted to get involved in a television media event! We have an incredible opportunity to showcase the students from Eastwood and Davis in the public forum on Cogeco 11, Let’s Talk! For an example of what this show looks like please try this link to the show’s web page.


 Cas McGeown the host of Let’s Talk, a local Cogeco talk show, has contacted me to book a recording at Eastwood. I jumped at the chance to have our students exercise critical thinking and speaking around topics that are current and important to them. Two topics will be discussed during this forum. The first episode filmed will be on Obesity and Health issues in youth and the second will be on The Power of Reading and how Technology has Changed Learning. Mr. McGeown will come to our school 3 times prior to taping to help prepare our students.

 The date of December 12th has been selected as the day for filming to occur at Eastwood School. We are inviting 12 students from Davis to join us for the Let’s Talk as they are working hard to improve literacy and critical thinking as well.   They were this year’s recipients of the Indigo Love of Reading Grant for $90,000.00.  On the day of taping two separate shows will be filmed with future air dates not yet determined.

 I have finalized our expert panel for the event that will be filmed in the Eagles’ Nest of Eastwood School! Our guests are: Sharon Seslija-Health and Physical Education consultant GECDSB, Dr. Clara Howitt-Superintendent of Education GECDSB, Allen Affleck-teacher GECDSB and Principal of Physical Education Instruction,University of Windsor and Dr. Alistar McLeod, famed Canadian Fiction Writer! 

If you are a student and wish to be considered for the expert panel on one of the two shows please respond to this blog post in the form of persuasive letter to Mr. Cowper and Mr. Dubeau by Thursday, December 6th!

We are excited to read your letters!

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