Our WordWall

Add a word to our Eastwood Wordwall!

Make it something from your learning!

Show you care, if you dare.  Click this link you will be there in a wink!

Have you heard? You can add a word!

The Eastwood Word Wall (Click Here)


9 responses to “Our WordWall

  1. Every mind is growing

  2. a word we could add is EQAO,LEARN,CASI,AND PERFECTION

  3. A word we could add on the wordwall is “LEARN”:)

  4. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Eastwood!

  5. Mr. Cowper,

    I’ve got to say that in all the ideas you have had to help us, this is far by the best because the students get to teach/share with other students on the ways we improve on our achedemics– who else knows better at what sutes/helps us kids learn more accurately . . . than us kids!

    This is also great because other teachers give us stratagies in their professional oppinions.

    That is why we should all take a glance at the
    “Word Wall”– its just a click away!
    Do you know the saying- YOU CAN’T IMPROVE UPON PERFECTION?
    Well there is NO such thing because were human, and humans make mistakes– but this will help all level thinkers improve because no bodies perfect (not even them)!

    ~ Nina.

    P.S. A stratagie that I know that my teacher Mrs. Mundy has shared with our class in E.Q.A.O is that if a question says for example . . .

    ” Is ‘Joe’ like ‘Tom’ by charecteristics? Explain.”
    You always have to answer YES- because that is the expectations in ALL questions like that!
    Keep that in mind grades 3 & 6’s!

  6. sarahabouzeeni :)


  7. I think that this is pretty cool. Randomness everywhere on one wall. Randomness that makes sense that is. 😛

  8. Reem roxs( MAJOR BLOGER)

    ADD DETAL to get level 4

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